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Bun venit la Colțea 1920 Brașov!

Bine ați venit pe site-ul oficial al Clubului Sportiv Colțea 1920 Brașov. Continuator al Colței Brașov, grupare ce a activat în perioada interbelică și care a luat titluri de campioană, atât la fotbal, cât și la atletism și sporturi de iarnă. Reînființat în 2015, CS Colțea 1920 Brașov are patru secții active: fotbal, futsal, atletism și natație.

De asemenea, fotbalul are trei direcții: fotbal juvenil, unde este partenerul oficial al clubului spaniol, RC Celta de Vigo, fotbal seniori, dar și fotbal feminin.

Obiectivele noastre sunt să readucem prestigiul clubului la nivelul din prima perioadă de existență și să propunem sportivi pentru marea performanță, dar mai ales să formăm și educăm oameni cu adevărat de nădejde pentru societatea românească și nu numai.

Celta Brasov schedules for this weekend

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Our 2005 team will try to win their first game of the season on the Carpati stadium. Let's all support our team!

Second day at Debrecen

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Yesterday we lived another day full of experiences in Hungary. In the morning, we relaxed with a walk in the city and enjoyed some healthy food.

During the afternoon it was all about what we like most: football. Yesterday’s games did not end with a favorable result for us, but our teams left a good impression.

Our 2003 team, phenomenally led by Liviu, held the control of the game and displayed some quality football but we lacked the lucidity and concentration in front of the net and also we missed of defense synchronization in from of the Hungarians counterattacks, which made the result not fair.

On the other hand, the 2004 team with Rossini on the bench, were far superior to our opponent whom, with a lot of illusion, scored 4 goals, instead, our team had the game control, quality and a real craving to score.

The 2005 team met a very good squad and they played an overall good game, meeting a well-positioned team in the field, which made our players put the extra effort from the beginning to the end of the match, creating opportunities for goals and when in possession very able to control the game.

This was another day when we have learned plenty of things which should help us sustain what we do great and to correct what we have done wrong, both in the field and outside of it. Now we are preparing for another day full of football. Together we will make it!


Tuesday the 24th

• OLASZ FOCISULI - 4 - CELTA BRASOV 2003 - 1 ; 15:45

• HTE - 4 - CELTA BRASOV 2004 - 14 ; 15:45

• OLASZ FOCISULI -2 - CELTA BRASOV 2004 - 0 ; 17:15

Parteneri oficiali

RC Celta de Vigo


Primăria și Consiliul Local Brașov

Direcția Sport și Tineret a Municipiului Brașov


Work Support Agency

Agenția de evenimente sportive Enjoy Sports

Știri fotbal

  • Celta Brasov result for this weekend !

  • Weekly schedules for Celta Brasov. Good luck everyone.Weekend full of fotball still to come!


    Celta Brasov Academy wants to congratulate the RC CELTA children's and junior center for their work with all teams. This time in the call of the national team U16 there are two players from the center: ALEX VILA AND MARIO CANTERO.  The two players will participate in the national team training during November 20-23. Good luck to these two great players. The work done at RC CELTA should serve as an example and motivation to continue working with our players to fulfill our dreams and hoping that one day they will wear the national team jersey. 



    Yesterday, our girls were invited to play a friendly match on the Transilvania University campus. Our girls have behaved exceptionally being an example of a professional club both outside and in the field. Against a team of seniors, our young players made a great game that ended in a draw.

Campioana României la fotbal în sezonul 1927/1928

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