Fotbal juvenil

This weekend,the little "Celesti" played five games in Fagaras and recorded the following result:

Celta 2009 - Corona Brașov 3-2
Celta 2009 - Scoala de fotbal Demian 1-0
Celta 2009 - Kids Tampa 0-0 
Celta 2009 - Steagu Rosu 4-2 
Finala Turneului: Celta 2009 - Corona Brasov 5-1


Congratulating children and Coach Alex Ionita! Keep it so!

The great surprise prepared by the Spanish club Celta Vigo for the children in Celta Brasov, who are currently in a training camp in the Iberian city.

Together with coaches Manu Gomez and Liviu Nicolae, the little football players from Brasov took part in the official training of the Primera Division team and in the end they spoke and took photos with Unzue coach, Iago Aspas, Pione Sisto and Emre Mor players!

Unique moments offered by Celta Vigo for the children of Brasov!

Thanks RC Celta Vigo! 


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