Yesterday we lived another day full of experiences in Hungary. In the morning, we relaxed with a walk in the city and enjoyed some healthy food.

During the afternoon it was all about what we like most: football. Yesterday’s games did not end with a favorable result for us, but our teams left a good impression.

Our 2003 team, phenomenally led by Liviu, held the control of the game and displayed some quality football but we lacked the lucidity and concentration in front of the net and also we missed of defense synchronization in from of the Hungarians counterattacks, which made the result not fair.

On the other hand, the 2004 team with Rossini on the bench, were far superior to our opponent whom, with a lot of illusion, scored 4 goals, instead, our team had the game control, quality and a real craving to score.

The 2005 team met a very good squad and they played an overall good game, meeting a well-positioned team in the field, which made our players put the extra effort from the beginning to the end of the match, creating opportunities for goals and when in possession very able to control the game.

This was another day when we have learned plenty of things which should help us sustain what we do great and to correct what we have done wrong, both in the field and outside of it. Now we are preparing for another day full of football. Together we will make it!


Tuesday the 24th

• OLASZ FOCISULI - 4 - CELTA BRASOV 2003 - 1 ; 15:45

• HTE - 4 - CELTA BRASOV 2004 - 14 ; 15:45

• OLASZ FOCISULI -2 - CELTA BRASOV 2004 - 0 ; 17:15

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